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Using the latest medical research, Regina Naturopathic creates personalized health programs to help you achieve your best health. We are a general Naturopathic medical practice that treats the whole family. Learn more about what we treat and how we can help you.

At Regina Naturopathic, we use lifestyle prescriptions to help treat and prevent disease.  Book an appointment today to start down a path towards a healthier you. Our services are covered by most extended health benefit plans. We also direct bill.


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We offer a range of naturopathic treatments, specially tailored for your unique needs.

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Get convenient, remote access to our naturopathic services for those who live out of town or are unable to travel the clinic.

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At our clinic in Regina, we believe in an integrative approach to wellness, blending the wisdom of traditional practices with contemporary psychology and naturopathic medicine. Our team of highly qualified professionals are committed to providing personalized care via in-person or telemedicine consultations, designed to meet your unique needs. With years of experience, we're here to guide you towards a healthier, more balanced life.

Meet Our Experienced Practitioner, Dr. Craig Herrington, ND

Guiding you towards optimal health with 20+ years of clinical experience.

Dr. Herrington, at Regina Naturopathic, strives to improve health outcomes through lifestyle-based treatments such as clinical nutrition and exercise prescriptions. With his extensive experience and understanding, you’re in capable hands.

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