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We promote natural healing and mental strength in a supportive environment

Regina Naturopathic was founded by Craig Herrington, a Naturopathic Doctor with over 20 years of clinical experience treating thousands of patients. We help improve health, without the use of restrictive diets, forbidden foods, or complex supplement regimes. Our goal is to simplify your health care, to provide expert guidances on strategies and practices that will positively impact your long term health. We understand that the journey to improved health must be enjoyable for health gains to be maintained.

Get to know Dr. Craig

Craig Herrington, ND was born and raised in Victoria, BC.  He attended the University of Victoria and then went on to graduate from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in 2005. Upon graduation he received the award for clinical excellence. After spending time in both Halifax and Ottawa, he moved to Regina, in 2017 with his partner and twin teenage boys. 

Craig works with each person and their primary care health team, to develop a realistic plan. He does not use fad programs, unnecessary supplementation, detoxes or other alternative medical treatments that lack evidence. His goal is to improve your health in a way that is sustainable, and more importantly one that can be consistently followed while enjoying life! 

He uses lifestyle based treatments, including clinical nutrition, exercise prescriptions, and when appropriate, natural health products and lab testing.

With 20 years of clinical experience, and having had the good fortune of treating and learning from thousands of patients, Craig has a strong foundation for improving health outcomes. He has been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, on the use of Naturopathic Medicine in reducing Cardiovascular Risk Factors, and has developed many evidence based health and nutritional programs. He most recently developed the nutritional protocol to be used in a multi-centred study on Thoracic cancers. He has lectured extensively across Canada to dozens of groups on various health optimization strategies. 

In his leisure time you can find Craig reading, dog walking, running, biking, paddle boarding, or cross country skiing, and exploring this wonderful province with his family. He is also co-founder of Wascana parkrun.

Philosophy of Care

We value curiosity, kindness, empathy, honesty and respect. We will work with your family doctor or specialist to provide integrative and collaborative care.

What to Expect during the Visit


We are located at 2310 College Avenue. There is free 2 hr street parking as well as 2-3 parking spots in driveway at the front of the building. When you arrive please have a seat in the waiting room and we will be with you at the scheduled appointment time.

Please complete the intake forms ahead of time and if available we recommend sending (instructions in the intake form) your recent lab test results from e-health.

During the first visit we take a comprehensive intake, review lab results and conduct any relevant physical exam. We offer a metabolic assessment/3D body scan to those interested.  You will leave with a treatment plan and we recommend booking a follow up within 8-12 weeks to review progress and make any adjustments to the plan.


Regina Naturopathic Code of Ethics

We value integrity, honesty, and professionalism in our relationships with our patients.  As such we do not sell any natural health products or have any financial affiliation with any companies that manufacture or sell natural health products. 

We do not offer or promote unproven laboratory tests. Many tests do not pass scientific rigour and the reference ranges used have not been validated in clinical trials.

We strongly support evidence based public health policies and physician health screenings.

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